Saturday, May 19, 2007

Jewelry for the Uncommon Beauty lives up to its name

At Midnight Firefly, we believe that every woman is beautiful in their own way. This is why we have decided to donate 10% of all of our sales to Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. The Dove campaign strives to build a new perspective of beauty in the media, as well as supports programs that nurture the self esteem and confidence in young girls.
To learn more about Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, visit their site.
Read our press release:
Press Release Author: Brenda Herrera
Media Contact: Allison Biggs


The designer behind Midnight Firefly Jewelry donates 10% to Dove Real Beauty Campaign!

5/19/07, Cyberspace—A distinct jewelry company based out of Springfield, MA is elevating the definition of beauty with her femme designs and conscious mind. Graphic designer turned jewelry maker, Allison Biggs created Midnight Firefly in 2004 as a way to express the natural elements that inspire her daily. Her creations are uniquely designed from her heart and strong attraction to all things beautiful and meaningful.
Not only does Ms. Biggs brag a strong customer base and consistent design, but she is a designer that has a powerful vision.

As part of her company’s community outreach program, Midnight Firefly has excitedly launched the “Jewelry for the Uncommon Beauty” campaign. Benefiting Dove’s global campaign for Real Beauty, the idea behind Firefly’s campaign is to promote beauty in unconventional ways. According to the designer, “every woman is beautiful in their own way and therefore should not be stereo-typed in conventional terms”. Dove’s campaign is parallel in that it promotes beauty in the most of real ways. They have done a fantastic job of beautifying women by representing all sizes, colors, shapes and sizes. Their goal is to effectively change the status quo of woman and offer a healthier, broader and far more realistic view of beauty. Essentially, a beauty that all women can embrace, be proud of and enjoy everyday.

The synergy between Midnight Firefly’s campaign and Dove’s is awesome. The relentless work at creating a new face for beautiful women is going to be effected globally. Among Dove’s program to create this warranted image, it will fund initiatives such as a forum for women to participate in a dialogue and debate about the definition and standards of beauty in society, advertising that inspires women and society to think differently about what is defined as beautiful and self-esteem workshops with young girls in schools to help them foster a healthy relationship with and confidence in their bodies and their looks.

“Jewelry for the Uncommon Beauty” is Biggs’ way of connecting to the Dove campaign. Biggs is donating 10% of Midnight Firefly jewelry sales to the Dove Campaign. Allison believes that a percentage donation will not only offer monetary support to the life changing programs, but more importantly, awareness to an issue that she believes all women can relate to. Having personally struggled with questionable self-esteem and self-confidence as a teenager, Biggs is passionate about ensuring that young women, starting at an early age, understand the importance of unrestricted beauty. It is imperative they establish confidence that will allow them to achieve what they are capable of. A successful woman will always exhibit confidence through her uninhibited view of beauty!

* Disclaimer: Dove is not a sponsor nor does it purport to support Midnight Firefly’s “Jewelry for the Uncommon Beauty” campaign. The donations are unsolicited and do not establish a relationship between the two.


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